Greasy Spoon


Last weekend Sara had a free day off from work so we decided to go and have brunch Greasy Spoon in Södermalm, Stockholm. We had to queue for a little while which wasn't great because it started to snow. Once we got in we weaved our way through the abundance of filled tables to our spot and one look at the menu confirmed that anything you had ever dreamed of for brunch you could get right here. The interior is filled with lots of references to the United Kingdom with the wallpaper being a map of London and toilets having pictures of Kate Moss, Ab Fab Duo Patsy and Edina and The Queen. I would definitely recommend ordering Mimosa cocktail or a Bloody Mary, it’s a perfectly drink to accompany your brunch and start your weekend. We ordered different things on the menu; I went for the Full English breakfast which in my opinion was a filling and tasty breakfast/brunch option. Sara had the Full Vegan Breakfast which was one her best vegan breakfast and could have ordered a second.

Overall Greasy Spoon had a great atmosphere and a really varied menu, and in my opinion, the food did really live up to the hype (or the queue), and it’s an exciting place to visit for something different to do on a Saturday morning as breakfast is definitely more fun with friends.

Have any of you ever visited Greasy Spoon? What did you guys think?

Stephen. x

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