A New Start


So, firstly I am finally updating my blog after months of working out what I want to use it for. So I think I have come to a conclusion; I will use this website to update you on my new life in Stockholm, Sweden. But to keep it interesting I will update you on fashion, lifestyle, food, cool places, people and just general things I’m currently like in Sweden. I’m also going to use it as a behind the scenes outlet for my YouTube channel videos (coming soon) including images and updates of the videos and what I got up to, who I was with etc.

I’m aiming to update this blog almost daily so there will be plenty of posts for you to scroll through. I’m super keen to cover things that you guys want to hear about, so make sure to tweet me with stuff you would like and I will do my best to cover these!

I’m so excited to start updating this blog and YouTube channel and I hope you guys will enjoy what’s to come! But in the meantime make sure to follow this blog and leave a comment to keep updated with new posts! 


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