Sneaker Time


So one of my favourite things to buy are shoes, but also love trainers, they were the top of Xmas every year as a child and it hasn't changed much as an adult.  Recently I have been are really liking the ‘smart running’ style trainers that are out at the moment.  So when my favourite men's brand AMI came out with a collection of smart running sneakers I thought I should buy a pair.  As you can see I went for the "statement" colour. Its bright orange laces, burgundy underlay, dark green quarter and with royal blue mudguards. This has colour is sold out but you can also get them in white or black. But love that they stand out and I’ve  to say they are top of the list of footwear when going out whether something casual or formal plus they are "Snygg" as they say in Sweden. Today I just styled them with some black rolled up Weekdays’ jeans and a dark green fleece from Fjällräven (which you can’t see).  I’m really enjoying these AMI’s right now and think I will for a long time. So all in all a great pair of trainers to add to the collection!


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