Spectacular Sunny Specs


So lots of people have been asking me about my new sunglasses. So I figured I would dedicate a post to them. I’ve had many sunglasses but these are my first prescription sunglasses so I was a bit scared of the outcome. I had been looking at Bailey Nelson since I lost my last pair of sunglasses and have always wanted to get a pair but never actually went for it (I have no idea why!).

I finally took the plunge and bought myself a pair of the Bronte Bailey Nelson X Aquabumps in Mahogany and words can't express how happy I am with them and service from Bailey Nelson. Once I went in store to order my sunglasses I got an email saying my "Your specs are cooking" and when I should receive my sunglasses. Once I received them they fulfil all my needs; I love the look of them, they feel just like when I wear my normal prescription glasses which is awesome! Now they are definitely one of the cheapest frames out there, but  I can not feel a drop in quality. I can definitely say that I will be wearing these all summer long time and will more try out a prescription from Bailey Nelson soon.

Here're my 5 quick tips for finding your perfect pair of sunglasses

1.    Take a friend or family member with you that will give you a truly honest opinion
2.    Choose a colour that  suits our clothes that you wear and will compliment them.
3.    Expensive designer or cheap supermarket sunglasses are not always the best option
4.    Don’t pick a pair just because they are in fashion, they need to suit you and your style
5.    Make sure you really do like them, if you are unsure initially you will not wear them!

I hope this has been helpful, let me know if more of these types of post would be good to do in the future.


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