Exploring Iceland


It takes just 3 hours to get to Iceland from London, which meant it was the perfect destination for a New Year Eve trip. Iceland is a fascinating country to visit and as Sara and I where only going to be there for 5 nights we wanted to explore everything we could without a having a car.

It’s definitely a slower paced country but filled with lots of mystery and history, but I found myself feeling oddly relaxed while we were there.

Going to BlueLagoon was one of the most amazing parts of the trip for me. It was minus 5 outside but the water was so warm and I got to try the clay from the Lagoon I felt like a kid I was so excited.  We also took the Golden Circle Tour were we got to see some of Iceland's natural phenomena like Geysir hot spring area (MUST SEE) and Gullfoss (the Golden Waterfall).

And let’s not forget the elves! That’s reason alone to hop on a plane.

Stephen. x

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